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Nipples grazed my belly as she shifted on top of me, her grip on my shift firm, yet still somehow gentle, the speed of her stroking getting faster. She shifted from licking to sucking, pulling a groan from my lips. As I was currently licking at her cunt, she shuddered at the added sensation, began to drip more.

Escort Asian AustraliaAs she took more of me into her mouth, I penetrated her with my tongue, licking slowly inside her. She rocked her hips back and forth, pleading for more. Instead, I pulled out and started licking at her now-engorged clit, her sweet juices glistening wetly in the low light. I went back to teasing her entrance, with small flicks of my tongue that – from her lusty moans – left her wanting more.

Suddenly she moved away, straddling my hips, and I felt her slide her slick, yet tight hole over my dick. I sat up, kneeling so I had better balance even as she started moving up and down, and I pulled her closer. I saw she’d started fondling her luscious breasts, and replaced her hands with my own. “God, that feels good…” she managed to gasp, in between frenzied thrusts.

She leaned forward after a while, slim hands on my knees to steady herself, when I grabbed her hips and helped her onto all fours so we were in the doggy position. As I all but pounded into her, she rocked backward, timing her movements to mine, trying to take me in deeper. ‘Good’ was an understatement for what I was feeling now.

When I came, I swear I saw stars, her cunt was clenched so tight around me I thought my cock would be squeezed off – but it felt oh, so good. Our cries mingled as we reached the peak together, then died away as the sensations faded, leaving us spent, breathing hard, curled up on the bed.

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